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Beginner Easy body weight Rings and TRX Arms Workout

Beginner Easy Body Weight Rings and TRX Arms Workout

Full Body Weight Workout Below


An all body weight arms workout for beginners.
This beginner calisthenics workout strengthens and stabilizes almost the entire arm.
Adds strength in the lower part of your dips.
strengthens the legs and various pullup muscles.
Increases bicep size and functionality.
strengthens the rear and anterior deltoid
and increases the size and strength of the triceps.

We did not do any hanging upside down on the rings but that is also important in my opinion.

The workout is as follows:
4 rounds, 5 reps of each exercise.
easy body weight rows
easy body weight squat pullup
easy body weight squat WIDE pullup
lower ring dip mount
easy body weight bicep curls

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Bikram Butt Building Workout Infographic

A Butt Building Bikram Yoga Workout

Build the butt of your dreams..

I found this lovely little post on Urban Fit Yoga‘s blog. I gave this workout a shot and it kicked my butt. Here is the workout! Urban Fit Yoga is a local Bikram Hot Yoga Studio based in Houston Texas and they service the areas of Montrose, Eado, Downtown Houston, Rice Village, Memorial, 610, River Oaks and Uptown Park Areas. 

They specialize in Bikram Hot Yoga and Yoga Sports Conditioning. After taking their yoga sports conditioning class is that I had a lot of areas in my body that I didn’t know were weak and causing problems to the other sections of my body. I now attend class with them regularly and am stronger than I have ever been before!


Before you head out, Watch a video on Advanced Backbends

bikram butt building workout infographic

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Total Body Advanced Calisthenics Routine

Try this advanced calisthenics routine. It will put your knowledge and understanding of calisthenics to the test. We will be doing an advanced calisthenics routine with a solid 5 minute warm-up and a tough 30-40 minute workout with a little flexibility at the end. Please have eaten at least 1.5 hours before this workout. Just making sure you’re optimally fueled.


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Upper and lower body workout

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To get your own personal calisthenics routine click here

Break it up as needed(if you split pushups into 20 you would follow that with 10 dips and 6 handstand pushups. then you would start the second set of 20 pushups etc.)


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17 Handstand Milestones

  1. *Down dog 1 min
  2. * High Down dog 1 min
  3. * touch toes
  4. * Wall handstand 30s
  5. * Forearm HS 30s
  6. * split leg hs 30s

    17 Handstand milestones
    Save this poster for 17 handstand milestones you can achieve!
  7. * nose to wall hs 30s
  8. * cartwheels
  9. * nose to wall hs 1 min
  10. * shoulder taps 1 min
  11. *free standing hs 30s
  12. * free standing hs 1min
  13. * free shoulder taps 1min
  14. * Free standing hs 1:30min
  15. * free standing hs 2 min
  16. * free shoulder taps 2 min
  17. * one arm handstand

To get your own personal calisthenics routine click here

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35 minute at home total body workout

We have the best calisthenics workouts
We have the best calisthenics workouts


This is a 35 minute at home total body workout. Forged using only calisthenics exercises. To get your own pole to workout on click here

Complete video at the bottom.






5-7 minute quick total body stretching routine that can be used for pole.

– 3x20seconds L-sit (superset) 3×20 lying torso/arm raises
– 3x 1st set=20s   2nd=10s  3rd=5seconds  each side followed by:

3 Sets

Side bending (superset)

Side plank 15 seconds,

Fore arm plank position, 20 scapula pushes

side plank alternate 15 seconds
– 2×20 feet elevated handstand scapula push (butt over shoulders) scapula pushing

Rest 1 minute

2x30s wall sit
2x20s lying on belly flutter kicks (superset) lying scissor kicks
2×12 lying torso raises (arms overhead)
2x20s each leg swing leg balancing

2×15 overhead tricep extensions (superset) 2×15 halfway pushups (arms close to body)
Below Is a link to an amazing Raw Food book I highly recommend


Here is a video of the workout!


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