Calisthenics is like nothing you have ever encountered. It will show you the way to the strongest most flexible body you have ever had.

The philosophy here is to teach you what to do so you aren't always relying on a personal trainer to show you the way. He understands that most people are still lost even after several years of training with a trainer.

  1. Your trainer will get a membership at your gym of choice (included in your training cost) but prefers to meet outdoors at a park. OR you will schedule to do training online.
  2. Meet with them at Memorial Park or schedule your workout in your office gym or home.
  3. You can expect to see dramatic results within the FIRST WEEK!
  4. Each workout is logged for you and sent to you. Following the session "Homework" is given on so you know what to do on your days without your trainer
  5. We will focus on stability, flexibility, strength, balance, and mobility. 

Prices are for display only. Fill out the contact form to start training calisthenics or aerial arts in Houston.

All sessions are 50 minutes long 

  • Single: $65
  • 5 Sessions: $300
  • 15 Sessions: $945
  • 30 Sessions: $3,000

I accept Paypal, Check or Cash

 Personal training hours of availability:

6 am - 6pm Monday through Friday


  • Clients feel energized, inspired, stronger and more flexible than ever before.
  • Clients felt that the classes pushed them to their personal limitations and beyond, and that they learned skills they can take out into the world.
  • Clients found that by applying what they learned in class they were more confident with relationships, business dealings, added clarity to decisions, naturally makes me want to eat better,

" If you're working that hard why would you want to throw it all away by eating badly?" -student