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pushups, overhead squat, plank, toe touch, backbend, center split (separate legs as far as possible with hands on the ground)


Why Trust Us?

We Identify weaknesses and strengths in your body structure in order to truly customize the calisthenics workout you receive.

We Focus solely on calisthenics (body-weight) movements to challenge and inspire beginners all the way up to Olympic level athletes. We help clients become flexible, strong, balanced, and pain free.

We Educate you with skilled instruction and explanations towards the goals you desire to achieve. You'll receive videos to teach you.

We show you how to use your surroundings. Office, home, school, street, a park and more.

We have been a trusted calisthenics workout supplier for 3 years.

We provide top-notch customer service to everyone we encounter.

Once a week donation based classes happen here. Personal training and Corporate wellness encompasses all of Harris County  

1500 W Memorial Loop Drive Houston TX, 77007

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Fill out the form to the right and let us know if you plan coming to the class mentioned above. Fridays @ 7pm 1500 W memorial loop drive.


Schedule a 30 minute Personal Training session. We can discuss goals, nutrition, programming, planning, tips and tricks, supplements, movement techniques and more!

We provide the keys to unlock your body's potential with Calisthenics Workouts in Houston.

We offer unparalleled guidance in the world of calisthenics. We specialize in teaching you how to use your body again. how to move like a baby and eliminate all the pains your body has. We increase your flexibility and make you extremely strong and aware by only using body weight techniques.

The nature of calisthenics, if taught correctly can realign bad posture and make any current sport or activity that you're doing 1,000% more effective. You will be better than you've ever been before.

Join the calisthenics revolution. Invest in a 4-12 week workout and nutrition plan and get the results you deserve.