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  • Calisthenics classes are meant for beginner and advanced athletes.
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Calisthenics Workouts in Houston.

We offer unparalleled guidance in the world of calisthenics. We specialize in teaching you how to use your body again. How to move like a baby and eliminate all the pains your body has. We increase your flexibility and make you extremely strong and aware by only using body weight techniques.

The nature of calisthenics, if taught correctly can realign bad posture and make any current sport or activity that you're doing 1,000% more effective. You will be better than you've ever been before.

We also offer Stretching classes.

Houston has a lot of lazy and inflexible people. Most of Houston sits at a desk and develops horrible posture. When they leave their desk they go and sit in their car to drive home to go to your favorite chair or laying place to relax. Every now and then this Houstonian will do a long vigorous workout and become very sore and temporarily strong in the area they trained. But then its back to the same old routine of sitting to sit to sit.



Calisthenics helped my lower back pain!

Online Calisthenics Training

We understand your life is busy. With online calisthenics you can train anywhere as long as you have a screen and an internet connection.

It doesnt matter where you are, work, home, park in the office or walking down the street. If you want to workout and need to know what you can use around you then sign up for online calisthenics training and get a customized calisthenics approach to your environment.

To learn more call 281 223-2262



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The results I got with calisthenics tripled my strength