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  • Calisthenics classes are meant for beginner and advanced athletes.
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  • Calisthenics Gym location:      2102 Pease Street Houston, TX 77003

5$ Class drop-in          12$ Monthly membership 

Open Gym is available. Call for details. 281 223-2262 


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Calisthenics Workouts in Houston.

We offer unparalleled guidance in the world of calisthenics. We specialize in teaching you how to use your body again. How to move like a baby and eliminate all the pains your body has. We increase your flexibility and make you extremely strong and aware by only using body weight techniques.

The nature of calisthenics, if taught correctly can realign bad posture and make any current sport or activity that you're doing 1,000% more effective. You will be better than you've ever been before.

We also offer Stretching classes.

Houston has a lot of lazy and inflexible people. Most of Houston sits at a desk and develops horrible posture. When they leave their desk they go and sit in their car to drive home to go to your favorite chair or laying place to relax. Every now and then this Houstonian will do a long vigorous workout and become very sore and temporarily strong in the area they trained. But then its back to the same old routine of sitting to sit to sit.

Break that habit. Sign up for class.

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Calisthenics helped my lower back pain!

Calisthenics Personal Training

Training with calisthenics involves a one on one approach to movement, calisthenics exercises teach you about strengthening your foundations, balance, stretching, strengthening and self-myofascial release techniques and body movements that will build a strong, flexible and pain free body.

**6 months of Fitness Experience is needed to participate in these calisthenics exercises. This can be anything. Yoga, gymnastics, sports, dance, crossfit, etc.

Our first session

Will be 1 hour long and includes the following.

- Goal Setting
- Postural assessment
- 45 minute calisthenics workout routine

You will leave this calisthenics workout with detailed information on how to train calisthenics on your own, how to correct your posture through body weight exercises or corrective stretches, you will get a write up of that days exercises and your personal workout plan moving forward. OR you'll receive all of that plus we will schedule our next training session together.

Group Fitness Classes


Monday and Wednesday



Tue/ Thur 7pm-8pm

& Saturday 10am to 11am

Acro Yoga

     1711 St Emmanuel

Saturdays from 2pm-7pm Donation ONLY

  Aerial Arts (Lyra, Silks, Aerial Pole, Gymnastics Rings)

   Open gym

1711 St Emmanuel CALL 281 223-2262



     Tuesday 5am | Thursday 5am | Saturday 9am

1711 St Emmanuel

Online Calisthenics Training

We understand your life is busy. With online calisthenics you can train anywhere as long as you have a screen and an internet connection.

It doesnt matter where you are, work, home, park in the office or walking down the street. If you want to workout and need to know what you can use around you then sign up for online calisthenics training and get a customized calisthenics approach to your environment.

To learn more call 281 223-2262



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The results I got with calisthenics tripled my strength

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is gymnastics exercises done in order to achieve freedom of movement and bodily grace.

What should calisthenics mean to you?

Calisthenics should make you think about unlocking your bodies full potential. Stretching beyond what you thought possible. Having a very well rounded and strong body that can do anything and get out of any situation. A body so strong that you can be in any position and easily and gracefully get out of it or move through it into another position. These body weight exercises will truly revolutionize your life.


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What happens in a group calisthenics class?

Group Calisthenics is similar to but in no way similar to bootcamps. In this style of class you will be using your body in ways it normally doesn't bend, support, move, flow or power through. This means that you'll be getting more in touch with the movement capabilities your body has in store for you.

Calisthenics class flow

  • 5 minutes of movement and stretching
  • 5 minutes of more challenging movements to warm up
  • 35 minutes of Strength and Skills movements
  • 10 minutes of deeper stretching and Theory


Calisthenics instructors

Ryan Jacobsen- Calisthenics, Contortion, Aerialist Instructor   Learn More

Matt Bench- Calisthenics, Stretching, Personal training, Custom goal planning Learn More

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